🌟 Next Up on "23 with SAHAI AMBAR PARIDDI"! 🌟

Get ready to discover why Mine of Design is your ultimate destination for all things jewelry! In our upcoming video, hear from the co-founder and creative head, @sahai_ambar_pariddi, as she shares emotions and feelings that are attached to jewellery. So enjoy it , cherish it !! It is like we put a piece of our heart in each jewellery piece that we make at the Mine of Design to make it special and soaked with love.

At Mine of Design, it's YOU who makes it special. We love hearing your stories and transforming them into beautiful pieces of jewelry with our unique design language, sprinkled with a bit of Indian tadka.

Whether it's custom creations or stunning ready-to-wear pieces, we ensure each design is a perfect blend of personal touch and artistic craftsmanship. Tune in to learn more about our journey, our passion, and how we bring your stories to life through exquisite jewelry.

Stay tuned and don’t miss out on this insightful conversation! ✹

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