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About Mine Of Design

India Inspired Jewels using sustainable manufacturing processes. Sahai Ambar Pariddi , Co-founder and Creative Director, is head of design team of qualified jewellery designers.

While her practice includes Precious and Festive Jewellery for the Indian market , she had the vision and the passion to design a Fashion focussed range which aims to bring Modern India to the world exploring Indian aesthetics, craftsmanship and resources. Catering fun , trendy and affordable luxury in metal alloy with gold plated jewels and natural stones.

Mine of Design employs women and cares for its beneficiaries by offering counseling, health education, finance training, and business mentorships. As the success of her jewellery has grown , Ambar now exports to Europe, USA ,Canada ,UK , Australia and NewZealand . The fair trade jewelry brand is pioneering an innovative approach that empowers marginalized artisans.

The jewellery is completely conceptulised and designed hand made with love in a family run factory , using semi - precious stones and brass with 18k gold / gold plating customising as per the market requirement.

"Customisation is our key " , we read our customers heart and cater to them what they'll love.

Story of four Petals:

The four petals define the different styles of jewellery that we do Fine / Fashion / Festive and Fun gifts

Which  maintain the core essence of the brand and keeping the focal point of brand intact have their own identities which are at different magnitudes.

It also signifies the four key members of Mine of Design family as a core team who dreamt of this Indian origin jewellery brand to be golbal.

MineofDesign ~ MOD the way it’s written is the handwriting of Sahai Ambar Pariddi  which reflects  the personal touch , handmade and being unique  in every thing we design  and make at MineofDesign .



When I started Mine of Design I had a dream to offer something new , something different that one hadn't seen one had only dreamt off . and we thought of MINE OF DESIGN .... to give definition to ones dreams,.. make their dreams into reality.

So one could come to the MINE to come and DIG their DREAM design...